Applying For Scholarship

The Professional Arts Education Center Scholarship Program was developed to train
students who wish to pursue a career in the performing arts and who show particular
promise but might not be able to afford the cost of an intensive training program.
Applicants must be ages 10 and up. A panel of professional instructors will evaluate
the technical level and potential of each applicant.
There are full and partial scholarships available. (Full scholarships pay complete
tuition for the classes granted. Partial scholarships provide only a part of the tuition for
classes granted.)


Term: While training schedules are customized for each recipient, the scholarships begin
approximately June 2022 and continue through September 2022.

is pleased to offer Summer 2022 Scholarships in guitar, music theatre, and voice.
Scholarships are for ages 10 and up and are awarded based on desire, potential, talent, and financial need.
Applications are available online at and should be submitted via email to
Recipients MUST be able to attend ALL scholarship classes.


Virtual Audition Process – Due Monday, June 6, 2022,  for priority consideration.
Please film all recordings at a 3⁄4 shot (roughly from the top of knees to the top of the head) from a horizontal angle.


Please introduce yourself and your song and/or monologue at the beginning of the video.
Be sure to include your first and last name.

Vocal/Music Theatre/ MT Junior
Sing a memorized music theatre-type song.
The song should be no longer than 2 minutes.
NO a cappella singing, you MUST have some form of accompaniment.

Private Guitar Lesson

Submit a tape of yourself performing approximately two minutes

of a guitar composition of your choice. This can be a melody line (individual notes),

accompaniment (only chords) or a combination of both. From Happy Birthday to Stairway to Heaven,

anything is on the table. But most importantly, have fun!

Personal Statement
Please give a brief personal statement no longer than 2 minutes at the end of your video.


How to Submit Your Video
• To protect your privacy, the YouTube video should be saved as “unlisted” so it cannot be publicly viewed.
• The YouTube video must be titled LAST NAME, FIRST NAME: PAEC Scholarship Audition
• (Example: DOE, JOHN: PAEC Scholarship Audition )
• Copy and paste your YouTube video URL (web address) in the space provided below

By applying for this scholarship, you agree to the following terms:

• Recipients must be able to attend every session of each class for which they receive a scholarship. Absenteeism will not be tolerated, except in the cases of severe illness, injury, serious family emergency or act of God.

• The recipient must be prompt for every class and appropriately dressed at all times.

• The recipient agrees to spend a maximum of 5 hours per week doing light maintenance, scholarship mailing and support activities as directed.

All high school students must maintain a 2.5 grade point average with no failures during the two previous semesters. Please attach the most recent copy of your grades/transcripts to this application.

If granted a musical theatre scholarship, the recipient may not be enrolled concurrently in any other musical theatre audition or technique class or workshop.

Please take into consideration before applying: All recipients of these generous awards will be making a major commitment. Recipients must remain in the program for their entire scholarship period with no exceptions save for medical reasons to be
substantiated by medical records.


Anyone leaving the program prior to completion will be held accountable and required to reimburse the PAEC scholarship fund for each class the recipient has taken at the rate of $65.00 per Music Theatre class, $40.00 per Music Theatre Junior class,
$35.00 per Voice class and Tuesday/Thursday Music Theatre class, $95 per private guitar lesson and $95.00 per private voice lesson AND the scholarship will be revoked.

We would have awarded the scholarship to another deserving student who could have made the commitment to the scholarship program.