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Diane Dooley
Arts Scholarship


Five years ago, we gathered to celebrate the life of our dear friend, Diane Dooley, who was a longtime student at the Professional School for the Arts and a board member of PAEC.  She did everything she could to share her passion for the arts with those she met. 


Her passing impacted many in the PSA family, but her presence continues to be felt to this day. In her name, the Diane Dooley Performing Arts Scholarship was founded in 2018 to help and encourage other students to pursue their dreams in the arts. 


Since its founding, 33 scholarships have been awarded to 18 students in dance, music theatre and voice including Lily Penner, Jordan Spena, Bryce Nozaki and Kaiya Hoareau in 2022. You can see the full list of scholarship recipients below.

Thank you for your prior support of the Diane Dooley Scholarship and today, please do something to celebrate Diane. If you’d like to donate, we have a link below, otherwise, please celebrate the arts in memory of Diane.

“Sometimes people leave you, halfway through the wood…”

In loving Memory of Diane

Support The Diane Dooley Performing Arts Scholarship

Scholarship Recipients

Randy Acosta
Jacob Batory
Haley Guinn
Kaiya Hoareau
Caroline Kennedy
Morgan Kotecki
Maddie LaFerr
Emily Lennon
Bryce Nozaki
Emily Partida
Lily Penner
Riley Sigler
Emily Sitchler
Bella Zoila Smith
Tessa Southwell
Jordan Spena
Kreli Washington
Joseph Yanez

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